"Sunday Stylin"

I have a big board of Homasate {ceiling tile} that is covered with quilt makes a great background to take photos on....I line up my pieces..try to find the best natural light and take a few photos..{lots never see the light of day :)}....I am constantly learning what makes a good styled is my take on that today..I made this little penguin last year and plan to make a couple more before Christmas..he is sitting in a couple of Anthro bowls, a few books, a tea towel, thread, a pot holder or two...some red dominos as well as a little tree.

Bought this jar stamp on line...added some buttons as well as the little heart...these will be my Christmas tags on gifts this year.
How do you style your photos?


Christa said...

It all looks great ... I love that mason jar stamp ... great for gift tags ... It takes a good eye to capture photos to display your crafts and you definately have one (or two) ... xoxo

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

I don't think I really do style photos. Not well, anyway.
But you do a fabulous job of it! Your little penguin is darling.

koralee said...

Ok...I need to find that stamp...pure JOY!!!! I love these tags...what inspiration I find over here today...where did you every find that sweet stamp anyways...please share.
I soooo want to do this. Hugs to you my dear.

maureen said...

good grief those are darling! Oh how that gift tag would make me smile. I love to style photos, I play and arrange and arrange and take tons of photos. And usually get one or two that I like. :)