Happy Birthday, Christa

Words can not express this incredible friendship between us....formed out of love and immense respect for each bring so much joy into the lives of your family and your friends. I am so proud to be one of those!

this little cupcake made of sprinkles has a candle lit for you to always have love and light in your sweet life!

this hand knit scarf is on it's way to you...could not wait until next spring for you to enjoy it.

come back and visit us here again...we had such fun my dear friend! this has always been one of my favorite photos of us!


Margaret said...

Happy birthday Christa! and here's to a great friendship! Mx

Christa said...

An awesome way to greet my day ... !!! Thank you Dagmar ... you are my special friend ... and you touched my heart ... I feel the same way about you ... !!!! LUL my BFF ...