I have been working on this little scarf for a couple of weeks.
As a beginner knitter, my confidence grows with each row...this is an easy scarf to knit.
I just had to learn to do a wrap and turn {w&t}.... 
once I completed 4 rows which is the pattern,
continue to the desired length,
this lovely scarf will become a gift.
Had you had time to knit or crochet?

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Christa said...

Love your post today ... you have been knitting away and it looks great ... can't wait to see it finished ... will keep you toasty warm down there in the desert ... :)

Log Cabin Studio said...

It looks really nice Dagmar,have a great day.

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Someones very lucky in your family - a beautiful special gift Dagmar.

No knitting here at the mo - though come the New Year I'll be all a flurry knitting for our new grandchild due January 10th!

with love and
Christmas Blessings
Shane x

Simone said...

Dagmar this looks like a fabulous project, although ! I would not know where to start! It is so rare to find people knitting these days and shops that sell wool and materials are diminishing by the day! Glad to see you are keeping the tradition alive!

Jamie said...

What an awesome project - I can't wait to see it finished.