El Valle, Panama

El Valle is one of the most special destinations in Panama. Only two hours away from Panama City, it is also a perfect weekend escape from Panama's lowland heat! El Valle is a fertile volcanic valley filled with bright flowers, square trees and golden frogs. Looking into El Valle it looks like a huge broccoli field – most of the houses are surrounded by trees that make for a green and unspoiled impression. The temperatures are moderate throughout the year and it cools down at night. This is part of the valley @3,000'

It has a very Tuscan feel about the buildings.

It is known for it's hand craft and farmers market..15 hours of hand work to sew this all together...amazing!

Love these sweet bananas....

fresh veggies..I will take more photos of the fruits and veggies I don't recognize next time and find out what they are and how to cook with them!


koralee said...

What a beautiful place! Thank you for sharing the joys that you see. I would give anything for a bunch of tomatoes like those right now...enjoy your weekend. xoo

Christa said...

That is definitely a beautiful valley ... love your photos ... they capture the essence of the area ... such bright colours ... I'm sure the coolness was a pleasure from the heat and humidity ... xoxxo