My new Panamanian Hat

La Pintada is a typical Panamanian style town that is based around a central church Plaza. The locals have a great sense of pride and like most towns in Panama's interior the towns people are very friendly, honest, and hardworking! La Pintada is located within the province of Cocle. Cocle is known for its bright colorful festivals and hand made local crafts which include the well known Typical Panamanian hats and other folkloric items. This small town is where we drove today..I met the lady that wove my hat..when you love hand made things as I do...meeting the maker of my hat was a thrill..she didn't speak a word of English...and I only a few words of Spanish..but it was a wonderful moment when she went back into her a hat, put it on and posed with me! What do you think..didn't she weave a great hat?


Christa said...

oh ... how special for you to actually have met the lady that made your hat ... it's beautiful ... now I know why you wanted one ... !!! xoxoxo

Margaret said...

how wonderful to have met this lady, she did a fab job! love it! 2nd pic in the car is brill! Mx

Dagmar said...

Thanks Margaret, it was really special,for me to meet her...and I was kinda of pleased that the mirror in the car photo turned out well.

koralee said...

Oh How I love your are darling in it my friend...xoxoxox