Panamanian color

Shopping has been a really interesting and colorful experience..there are many brands we recognize..but none more colorful as some of the few I found here on the shelves...many people speak English here and there seem to be a lot of people from BC asking where or what something has not been a problem yet..

These were a few of the colorful things on the beach...the coconut is for my dear BIL Larry who is always kidding me when I call and he tells me the monkeys are throwing coconuts at him...( in the wintertime in Bull River BC, no less)...the beaches quite empty except for weekends when the locals come out from the city. We are looking forward to everyday with great joy and anticipation..such is what this adventure represents to me....hoping you are finding joy in your day!


koralee said...

Oh such lovely images my friend...all this colour makes me think how happy the locals must be. Beautiful beaches....have fun. xoxo

Log Cabin Studio said...

Love the bright tropical colors.

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

We have a lot of the same things here in our grocery store. That's interesting!
Enjoy those beaches!

Christa said...

"Sandals in the Sand" love it ... the colours are so brilliant ... sure makes you feel like dancing and happy ...!!! xoxo