Being Retired...and not just tired..

We are so blessed...being healthy, happy and retired..we all have 24 hours in our day..we all have different demands on our days and choices we make on how to spend those 24 hours...I believe that being retired gives you more choices on what you spend your time on...for me it is my family, friends and my crafting time...reading in all the formats available to me..Here are a few ways I keep magazines that I buy or subscribe to as well as my Kindle..either buy or download books from our library in the Okanagan or here from the library in Apache Junction..these books are currently on my kindle..another birthday gift last was a good year❤
Population 485 by Michael Perry..
what a good read..(we met Mike and his family in Panama)
Island beneath the Sea.. Isabel Allende
Beyond Religion...Dalai Lama

are you a busy working mom...or somewhere in do you spend your 24 hours?


Christa said...

Nice post ... love your new Kindle ... enjoy sweetie ... someday soon I will have more time again to enjoy retirement ... it's been busy getting things organized now ... have a great day .. ! xoxo

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

I love my Kindle. I just read "The Noticer". It was interesting. I don't think I would have chosen it (book club thing) but it was good. It's so nice to be able to get library books on it.
I'm sort of retired, I guess. I can mostly do what I want every day. In between housework and errands. :)