Love for color continues...

Ever since I found have been hooked trying to figure out to how recreate some of my photos, as well as picking colors from the photo to make them in a similiar design....with the help of my trusty side kick and dear friend Christa,...she figured it out, skyped me..walked me thru Picasa, Picnik, Flickr....and I showed her the eyedropper and how it relates to capturing these colors in this format.
Here is our collaboration!
{still needs tweaking within the margins}
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Christa said...

Well ... with being your sidekick and dear friend ... I think you know that when you mentioned something like that to me ... I have to stop what I am doing and try and figure it out so that we are on the same path with our creations ... I love what you did with your photo ... I am having fun creating some of my own as well ... thanks for putting that info into my brain ... lol xoxoxo

koralee said...

What fun....I have never heard of this before. I wish I had more time to play is just way too busy for me these days. One day soooooooon I hope. I adore that door! Happy new week to you my friend.