The Apache Trail.....

The Apache Trail, or AZ 88 as it is officially known, links Apache Junction at the edge of the Greater Phoenix area with Globe via Theodore Roosevelt Lake, through the Superstition Mountains and the Tonto National Forest; 40 miles of steep, winding and mostly unpaved road past magnificent scenery of twisted igneous mountains with dense forests of saguaro and ferocactus, and several deep blue lakes. Past the lakes, the trail continues in more traditional fashion to the former copper mining town of Globe, but it is the western half which is the most scenic and well-known; however caution is required when driving and it is not recommended for large RVs or caravans;
Here are a few photos of this great trip that we took Harry and Jill of the road have a 10% grade and is not for the faint of heart.❤


Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

10% gradient!!!! my hearts pitter pattering a little faster than usual! Beautiful scenery tho so well with the touch of nerves!!

I've just come from Alice & Camilla and added my comment to yours - I'm joining you both for a journal day - K?!!!!
If only we could meet up and do it in person - (at night time we can become fairies - then anythings possible)!!!!

Jamie said...

Another place to add to my "must see" list