Oh Happy Day

Yesterday was one of those happy brother Harry who has been recovering from Leukemia arrived here yesterday with his wife Jill for a little R&R...that he is doing so well makes our whole family and our friends so grateful!.....they stopped in to see our our sister Evelyne and Richard before coming here as much fun it will be to have them we are taking them for a drive to show them the cacti and flowers blooming here in the will be sunny and warm..85..just what you need when you have been stuck in the snow in BC for most of the winter...
Oh happy day❤

From on pinterest..

at the end of a hard working day taken by my good friend Cindy..❤

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koralee said...

Happy dance...enjoy your sweet day! So much to be thankful for.
And yes...I brought home 12 lovely pies from my fill up my did you know? oxoxxox