Pretty things in March..

It was a fun day for me yesterday...I got my New Ipad..played around with it for quite a while.
I am off to the Apple Store this morning for a few lessons...It is quite different from
the 1st Generation Ipad...
I will be playing with IPhoto as well as some of it's other features!
Hope where ever you are you will be having a fine weekend!
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Margaret said...

Lovely colours just appeared on my sidebar! I just want to lie down in the middle of that pic! gorgeous and more! Mx

koralee said...

Lucky you!!! I would so love to have one of those...have fun learning!
Thank you for your sweet sweet comments you left me the other day...and everyday! What a blessing you are to me.
SNOW today again....I am thinking our Spring is really slow at coming this year. Usually our daffodils are up and blooming!
Oh and I adore your sweet new banner. xoxox

Christa said...

So happy for you with the arrival of your new iPad ... you will be amazed with what you can do with it ... love your collage of pictures ... have fun creating ... !!! xoxo