Claire @16 months, just having fun..She has two favorite toys which she shows me every week when I see her via Skype..Sophie her Giraffe and her new love, her Panda bear....

I will see her in 2 weeks, and I am attempting to make her this crocheted Giraffe, Georgina... Here from Lion instructions are wonderful on this link Video

This is my progress since last night..I watched the entire 8 episodes first, then realized that I could make this..I am excited to learn something new.❤How has your weekend been?


koralee said...

So darling! Happy Sunday my friend. xoxoxo

Christa said...

Oh my goodness ... Claire is so cute ... !!! I think she will love to receive this giraffe from her Oma ... can't wait to see it finished ... !!! xoxo

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

She has the best smile!
Our Claire has a Sophie the giraffe, too. :) The crocheted giraffe will be so special.