Raspberry Jam...❤

One of my favorite pleasures is homemade raspberry jam..Cindy's jam is the best..her berries are handpicked from her garden, then lovingly created into this wonderful tastes like eating fresh berries! Served on a toasted baguette it is a real treat..thank you Cindy for all your jammy goodness❤


maureen said...

Oh, yes, raspberry jam is one of my favorites. And I think the only one I've made myself. A long, long time ago. That looks positively yummy!

Christa said...

Scrumptious ... !!! I love raspberry jam ... can't wait to have raspberry plants in my garden again ... !!! perhaps we can trade canned kokanee for a jar of raspberry jam ... !!! lol xoxo

cindy gibb said...

You are on Christa! Raspberry jam for some of your canned Kokanee salmon is a deal!