Grain Sacks

Cindy and I made the decision that as soon as we got inside the doors of the Farm Chicks Show, we would head to Über Chic Home...where the guys sold grain sacks...we were not disappointed...we each bought 2....some are 100 years old.... this year the guys dyed some of them....we have plans for ours..see how happy Cindy looks with hers..she took mine as well and laundered it before I left to come home..what a sweet friend she is❤


Christa said...

Cindy looks really pleased ... and I'm sure you were smiling as well taking the picture ... good for the two of you getting these treasures ... I know you have talked about picking these grain sacks up for a long time ... Happy crafting ... !!! xoxoxo

cindy gibb said...

I have already covered two small footstools and am making a cushion cover with the rest of one grain sack. The other one will play a role as a runner on a table...h-mmmm, maybe should have bought a couple more! Next year I will!

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

Oooh! Black and blue stripes! How pretty!