Lunch on the run

I love food..preparing it, reading about it, cooking it and the best part...enjoying go to lunch is an egg salad sandwich...served on a bread board with a few gherkins, a nice glass of juice or milk, a pretty napkin and I am good to go until supper time...what is your go to lunch?


koralee said...

You are going to laugh at my go to lunch my friend...I am sooooo a cheese and crackers gal! I could munch on them all day long tell the end of my life! Has to be a good cheese and a grainy cracker. I would love your lunch today! We are having a hot dog lunch at school today...oh dear...I will be packing my own cheese and crackers as I am not a hot dog girl at all. xoxoxoxo See you sooooooon! xoxoxo

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

That looks good. Simple soups and salads or a wrap with refried or black beans are my go to's. :) Have a great weekend. Tammy

Christa said...

i'm thinking I want to come for your lunch ... !!! My lunches vary depending if I'm alone or not ... usually soup ... fruit and cheese for me ... !!! xoxo