Taking a break❤

Oh, these old bones aren't used to doing a lot of gardening all at one time anymore.....there was a time when I was younger that I would be in the garden all day..the joy and love for gardening is still there....just in a much smaller scale.


Christa said...

Looks refreshing ... !!! mmmm I'll have to see how these bones will feel once I get my garden started ... the raised beds should arrive sometime this week ... really excited to get them going ... !!! xoxo

cindy gibb said...

I hear ya sister! Nice looking tumbler that your juice is in. XO

koralee said...

Our weather has been soooo wet that only the slugs are out in my garden...and huge ones at that. My Peonies are still in tight little buds...I am so waiting for them to come out. Hope you are well my sweet friend.xoxoxox