❤A little something for Claire

With our home turned upside down (interior being painted today for the next week) I needed a few quick projects that I could do in the shade on the deck as well as stay out of the painters way...
I am making Claire some crocheted balls, she continues to love the Pom Pom birds, but this will be as much fun for her...any projects on your list? ❤

Claire and her new bike helmet...look out world.❤

3 made so far, all stuffed and ready to be tossed!


Jamie said...

She is so sweet!

koralee said...

I agree with Jamie..she is soooo sweet. xox

Christa said...

Great idea and hopefully will not do too much damage in the house when she tosses it around ... She will love them ... Claire is so blessed to have a Oma like you ... !! xoxo