Fro and I just looking

When I come to Vancouver, I always stay with my dear friend Fro, for at least a few days...thrifting and looking thru our favorite shops near where she lives...she is the sweetest of friends, always making me feel so special with her personal touches thru out her home for my comfort! Here are a few of the things we looked at but stayed in the stores!

Fro's wonderful gift to me, the blue knitted fairy, Dagmarilo❤Thank you


Christa said...

Too funny ... I still have a dial phone here at the house and you brought back childhood memories standing by the kitchen set ... I remember growing up with a set just like that one ... !!! Enjoy your time with your dear friend Fro ... one day I would like to meet her in person ... !!! Have fun ... !! xoxo

Tammy said...

That pink phone and the pretty globe with the pink and gorgeous blue are fantastic. How wonderful to spend time with a good friend. Hugs and blessings, Tammy