What a special day❤

I was so touched with all the wonderful and caring birthday wishes I received..thank you all from my happy heart.❤ Cindy drove in from Nelson...Jim drove me to Penticton so that Cindy and I could meet and have lunch at Poplar winery's Vanilla Pod did not disappoint..the food, the spectacular view and the amazing treasures that Cindy gifted me..a truly special day..I am so grateful to be a year older and to get to see many more sun rises and sunset!


Jamie said...

A very happy birthday to you.

koralee said...

Happpppppy dance...what glad your day was as amazing as you...your gift is waiting patiently here in Abbotsford...can't wait to see you..soon I hope...xoxoxo

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

It definitely looks and sounds like it was an absolutely fantastically beautiful day. :)