The way I learn..

Visually with lots of help from my crocheting buddy Christa, YouTube and
re-reading the instructions over before I start.....still, the slipper was ripped out several done..another one on the hook!❤

This is how they should look like finished...with lots of practice I am sure mine will look like this in the future.



Christa said...

lol ... now I understand why you have the pattern printed out ... I think it is great how you mark the instructions ... I love working with you on deciphering our projects ... I too ended up tearing apart and redoing the slipper ... yes together we have mastered it now ... and hope to make a few more pairs ... heading into town to get more colours of yarn ... !!! Happy crocheting ... !!! xoxo

Jamie said...

I love those - a better pattern than the one my grandma used to use her's were cute, but they had a seam at the bottom you had to walk on - not very comfortable.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I want to make slippers! I often have to rip out when trying something new. My friend today kept calling me a master crocheter but I am far from that. I just keep plugging away, try, try again. :)