Immigrants leaving Switzerland..

Nearly 1.5 million immigrants came to Canada between family from Switzerland were just a few of celebrates that brave leap of faith our parents took to bring us ( 3 kids under 5 ) from our small village of Uznach, in November of 1952 to Le Harve in France where we boarded the Cunard boat, Scythia and docked on November 15 in Montreal. 60 years ago today our boat docked in a very different land that what my parents had chosen for a new life for all of us....we became Canadians thru and thru..with 4 more kids born in Canada, our lives were so free, being able to live in the great outdoors..what brave and courteous parents we had..


Deborah said...

Interesting post sweetie, love the photo! Didn't realise you were from Switzerland originally, love visiting this country :)

Bee happy x

Log Cabin Studio said...

Great photo Dagmar...It must of taken a lot of courage for Dad and Mom to leave Switzerland and to move to Canada.I am so glad they did.

Christa said...

Love your pictures ... I am sure my mom has one of their trip from Austria in 1954 ... I am so glad your family and mine settled here ... for us to meet and become BFF's ... xoxo