Blogging from my Ipad❤

I have downloaded a new app to blog from my Ipad..usually I use Blogpress but thought I would give this blogger app a do you publish your posts?


Christa said...

Awesome ... a new app ... already down loaded it and will check it out ... I love your pics today ... that is quite a hike ... so impressed ... hmmm better start trudging thru the snow to stay in shape or I won't be able to keep up to you ... :) xoxo

koralee said...

I am looking out my window at all the snow coming down and thinking how different my world looks then yours right now.
We had a surprise snow day today!!!! Just our school...not sure why but I am taking it as a gift...we do have snow up where we live but not much down happy to be home and enjoying my girls. xoxoox HUGS