Letterpress WorkShop

What fun I had making my own letterpress Christmas cards..I decided to color in some parts of the card just to give them some added interest...I printed some of the envelopes as well and I am pleased with how they all turned out..the smell of the ink and seeing all the old presses and letters made me happy..not to be believed is that the battery in my camera died...I guess I just have to go back for another lesson❤thanks to Sam for taking this top photo for me.


koralee said...

What are always up to something delightful my friend.
So glad you got the tea...hope it is yummy! xo

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

Oh, wow! What a fun thing to learn to do! I love the letters you used for "Joy" .

Christa said...

Love it ... love it ... oh how envious I am that you were able to take part in creating with an old press ... I would love to try that one day ... !!! xoxo