A little retail therapy

I don't know about you, but sometimes heading out and checking out how stores are displaying colors and goods, just gives me a lift..maybe time to change around a few things and freshen up our home..A visit to Pottery Barn as well as Anthropology in Tucson always does that for me...what talented display crews they are a few things that caught my eye but didn't come home with me..(thinking I can make these pillows).


Christa said...

Lovely displays ... and I am sure you will figure out how to create them yourself ... !!! for me ... I do not need to venture out ... still trying to blend 3 households into one ... think I have enough things for now ... lol xoxo

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I love Anthro but we don't have one of those here. We do have Pottery Barn. I usually only browse as it is so expensive. But that urn in your top left photo comes from a line that has lots of different pieces and I actually bought a vase that sits in my living room. :) Wishing you a wonderful day. Tammy P.S. I was working on my grow your blog post today.

koralee said...

Ha and me both...I really need some retail therapy soon. Need to get into Vancouver...Anthro is just calling my name. xoxox

Annabelle said...

Found you via 2 Bags Full and joined. Love your pretty blog. Come and visit me and enter my giveaway. Love from London. x

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

I love a few hours "just looking thank you" too!

As you say we can easily make new cushion covers(that's our word for pillow downunder!) to liven things up!

Oh to have a Pottery Barn and Anthro here - love their take on interiors - casual - me to a T!!!
Shane ♥