Little badges of Honor

I am in the process of making a few more of these little badges of honor..a delightful mix of new, vintage and found items. They are wired onto a specially designed kilt pin that has more loops for extra loot..given as gifts, pinned on to a felted gives me as much joy to make them as I have to give them away❤


Christa said...

Love your badges of honour ...!!! I remember when I received mine ... still my favourite pin to wear ... !!! I wear it with honour ... I know how much love and time that is put into each and every one ... Have a great day ... !!!xoxo

Deborah said...

Beautiful! a wonderful gift to receive :) I love making things like this too :)

Bee happy x

Barbara said...

I love these!!

Margaret said...

I LOVE this idea! You have a great eye for a great combo, totally fab! Mx