I painted some of these clothspegs a while back, to hang up the pillowcases I added to..they are cheerful and just make me happy...hanging cloths outside must be one of the sweetest things..I know my good friend Christa would agree with me❤nothing smells as good as slipping into a freshly made bed with sheets and pillowcases that just came off the line on a sunny day.


Log Cabin Studio said...

I bet those pillow cases will smell wonderful. Love the color of the pegs!!

Deborah said...

The pegs and pillow cases are all so cute! love the floral case, so pretty and spring like :)

Bee happy x

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Just gorgeous D!

As I brought my clothes in off the line yesterday I thought - I must do a post about this!!!
It is such magical balmy weather here and the air is filled with that sweet summer fragrance - a mix of all the flowers in the garden!

Love your colours - what fun painting your lovely wooden pegs!

xox Shane

Christa said...

You are so right my dear friend ... every opportunity I get ... the bedding gets hung out on the clothesline ... even in winter time ... as long as the sun is shining ... ahhhhh ... the fresh aroma after bringing them in ... wonderful ... !!! I will have to dress up clothespins with a coat of colourful paint ... yours look great ... !!! xoxo