I was looking at some photos I took a while back and they still make me smile..hearts have always been a favorite of you have something that makes you happy from year to year?


Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Beautiful hearts Dagmar especially the words on the first.

Hearts are special! Once I started blogging and took my camera with me - I found hearts everywhere, especially on our walks!
There are heart shaped leaves and stones where ever I go, I photograph and my husband keeps walking - I'm forever playing catch up!
Shane ♥

Log Cabin Studio said...

Very sweet!!!

Maureen said...

Love the heart in the sand with the feather "arrow". Awesome!

I see hearts everywhere at work... I work in Cardiac Sciences ;)

Christa said...

How precious hearts are no matter what size ... colour or shape ... I tend to find heart shapes in many things as well ... makes my heart flutter and brings a smile to my face ... !!! xoxo

Wendy said...

Hello Dagmar,

Beautiful hearts! They made me smile too :) To answer your question: what makes me happy (always) is the sun shining on water. It makes the water all glittery and sparkling.

Nice to meet you too, it is a huge party, isn't it, the GYB. I lost track :)

Hugs and happy day,
Wendy of AppleApricot