I love this book❤

I had ordered this book as soon as my friend Koralee said it was available. "Everything goes with Ice Cream" ❤ Each page is happy and joyful...filled to the brim with ice cream treats that will make your mouth water and scream for ice cream! I will be spending a few of my evening reading this sweet book! I was busy making something out of the book I will share with you tomorrow...stay tuned!

You can buy the book HERE
Everything goes with ice cream - yet we understand that the perfect dessert for all of us is not always a big bowl of ice cream. Not everyone loves ice cream, as hard as it is to believe! Which is why Everything Goes with Ice Cream is the book for all of us. It does, of course, have the easy-to-make homemade ice cream, but it also has 176 pages filled with other ideas for making a summertime snack covered in made-from-scratch sea blue candy sprinkles; s'mores and hot chocolate for winter; or an ooey gooey dessert whose magic ingredient is, of course, chunky chocolate fresh raspberry ice cream. Simple projects fill the pages too, including tiny candles made in tea cups, miniature no-sew cake banners, party pom poms, heart-shaped button covers for a special party blouse, and so many more.
Everything Goes with Ice Cream is filled with cute ideas, a fun layout, and fabulous photography to make you as happy as you are on a summer day with your grammy's fresh peach ice cream pops covered in orange frosting sprinkles!
Baking and creating has always been a part of Koralee Teichroeb’s life. Many childhood hours spent in her Grandma’s kitchen is where it all began. She can usually be found in the kitchen with her camera; her creative side has now discovered the joys of photography. Koralee’s baking and photographs have been found in the pages of Where Women Cook, where she fills her column “Joy Making Days” with yummy treats and ideas to share with those you love. Koralee’s photographs, paired with her little bits of daily wisdom, can be found on her creative blog Bluebird Notes (, where she shows us that it is the little things in life that really matter. Koralee lives in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada with her husband, three girls, and a son-in-law who all eagerly taste test her creations.



The book looks great. Ice Cream is one of My weakness. LOL Hugs Judy

Deborah said...

I do love this lady! her book looks great too, may have to purchase :) Hope you have a happy week sweetie

Bee happy x

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

A very yummy looking cover!
How could you do this to me D - on my second day of "being sensible and eating healthy"!!!
Shane ♥

Maureen said...

Hubby eats ice cream nearly every night. I, on the other hand have to limit myself to only very special occasions. Like many men, he doesn't have to worry about it going to his thighs... damn him. ;)

Looks like a beautiful book!

koralee said...

AWWWWW...thank you for your are such a blessing to me and this has made my day!Thank you for being such an encourager. You really do know how to bless all those around you. I am overjoyed you are enjoying the book...I just know that you could do the same with all the wonderful ideas you have and beautiful treasures you have have so many talents{oodles more than me}.HUGS xoxox