Penny and I

This is Penny, the horse I rode for 2 hours in the San Tan Mtns was a lovely, warm, sunny day to be outdoors....85 degrees...Penny was very well mannered and the 6 of us had a great ride! Thanks to my sweet Jimmy for this Christmas was wonderful!


wilma b said...

What a perfect day!

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Penny looks gorgeous. My farm cousins had a dear old horse called Penny that we all rode!
Were you sore afterwards D??? I haven't ridden a horse in 50 years!!
Interesting countryside with the cactus.
Shane ♥

Maureen said...

Oh how wonderful! What beautiful photos and I love horses! I can't even imagine 85 degrees right now :(

What a great way to spend a few hours. Incredible.

Log Cabin Studio said...

Great to hear you had such a special day. It has probably been awhile since you have ridden.I hope you are not sore.Lovely photos!!!xoxo

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Sounds like our weather is the same. I haven't ridden a horse since I was 10. Glad to hear you had a lovely day. Tammy

Christa said...

Oh how wonderful for you ... I remember taking my cousins from Austria on a horseback trip in our area and they just loved it ... so happy you had a beautiful day ... !!! xoxo