I love moss and surprisingly, I can keep it fairly green here in our desert climate..Whenever Cindy comes for a visit she arrives with fresh moss off her back 10 acres in Nelson...this time I stopped on the side of the road just past Harrison Hot Springs on a detoured road home ( accident scene that closed the highway) It grew on a rock right beside the road and was about 4 inches deep..this one came complete with ferns...I already had this beautiful green pot, hopefully if I keep watering it, keep it in the shade, it will stay green for quite some time.
Just for a nice contrast, the hydrangeas are just beautiful at the garden centers this year..I will be planting a few in this color..I hope were ever you are you are enjoying some time for yourself doing whatever you love..


Maureen said...

I love moss too - what a beautiful green colour (and the ferns are a nice bonus!)

Log Cabin Studio said...

Love that moss...spring is here!!!