Seeing Claire...❤

It has been 6 months since I have seen Claire in person. Much too long...but it seems she knows we well, we chat every weekend on Skype and sometimes more often..Jeremy and I walked over {just a block} from their home to pick her up at day care..she saw me at the door ran to me and gave me a hugs and kisses and said, hi Oma, hi Oma...then I went with her into her class room and she told everyone there..." my Oma". I was totally smitten! We tried on all my bracelets, we watched a slideshow with music of all the photos of her on my Ipad, went to the park, we watched out crossing the road, we ran up and down a small hill, she danced, we sang, we cuddled in bed as I read her 5 bed time story books, I taught her how to sing a lullaby, she had a bath was a wonderful afternoon. ❤


Log Cabin Studio said...

Love those curls and those big beautiful eyes!
Give her a big hug from us.

Laurie said...

Oh you tried on all your bracelets -- for sweetness!!

Maureen said...

Aw... what a sweetie! So glad you had Skype to keep in touch - she would be changing so much in 6 months!

Christa said...

It's a wonderful feeling when your grandchildren are so smitten with you ... !!! Those are moments we treasure ... she is such a doll ... hope you get to see her a little more often now ... !!! xoxo