Works in progress..

I love having a couple "works in progress" I keep them close at hand and can work on them when ever I have a moment...I always, always try and finish what I have you have any "WIP'S" ?


koralee said...

You my friend are one creative soul! Hope we can get together sometime in May!!! My back is still not great but it is getting there...much too slowly for my liking.Have a blessed weekend.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

socks that have been on the needles since cotton was first grown; a throat or shoulder shawl, depending on when the yarn runs out and a wool sweater that's been in a bag for 20 years...yeah. time to get that sucker out and at least have a look see.

Cheryl said...

My entire life is a "wip" :-)

Maureen said...

WIP? Me????

Hahahahahahaha! Oh yeah... way too many to list here!

Love your baskets of wool - even if they are WIPs, they are great textural decor.