Back to hiking...

Since we have been back home here in BC, we haven't hiked much at all, we have gone for walks but no hiking..yesterday we went to Kalamoir Regional Park...a 27 hectares = 66 acre park. It is only 4 miles from our home... We took the path that overlooks the lake, thur grasslands, volcanic rock and then walking along the shore of Okanagan Lake..just enough elevation to know you have done a bit of work {700'}..We saw a deer hiding in the bush, but apparently bears and the odd cougar are in the you need to be aware of your surrounding. 2.7 miles, it was a perfect way to get back into hiking.
It is very overcast here today...perfect weather to get out in the garden..I hope your week will be a good one.


Log Cabin Studio said...

It sounds like you had a great day.
Happy Hiking!

Maureen said...

What a beautiful place to walk - the scenery is amazing!

Tammy said...

Dusty weather has kept us from walking the past few days which makes me feel blah. Glad to see you are back to hitting the trails. Tammy