Such a friend I have in Cindy..

Most of you that I have a special friend in Cindy, we have known each other for over 30 years...her thrifting habit parallels mine, she has a large studio to tuck her stash away until in can be intermingled with her collections.
Yesterday when a colleague was coming down, she sent some treasures for me to enjoy..I love the 3 new pyrex pieces she gifted me....{surprise}...paint by number dog portrait, restaurant ware, a tiny floral pitcher and a large vase to have on hand to give away with lilacs in them...Jim was downstairs painting, so no problem about taking photos and inter-mingling the collections! Thank you dear friend for the treasures, I hope you like what I sent you back via our pony express driver!

My partner in crime, Cindy, at the Farm Chicks show last year..sweet friend that she is!


cindy gibb said...

I did collect all of those treasures for you, but you made them look so much better in your photos! I can hardly wait until the pony express gets home tonight with all of my treasures from you. Have a wonderful and sunny day my friend! XO

Tammy said...

What a wonderful collection of lovely gifts! :)