The drive down from to Vancouver was the best I have had. The sun was shining, trees leafed out, moon roof open, all my favorite tunes on my IPod, singing at the top of my voice which can best be done alone and when there aren't any people to frighten..Did a bit of thrifting at my stores, came up empty handed but some great photos of Claire and my time playing in the park.
She calls spent dandelions "puffies"... brilliant child that she is..I think it should become a word more often used..she collected these "puffies" the longer the stems, the better..she raced around the park, gathering and blowing them into the wind..the ones that didn't co-operate got their heads ripped off..she just laughed and laughed...We were a bit late for dinner, Jeremy had to come and get us..I left my phone in my bag, bad Oma! As you can see, we had such to the MayDay parade here in Port Moody today..Claire's first parade...will you be surprised that more photos will follow?

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Christa said...

How time slips away when you are having fun with your grandchildren ... she is adorable ... and I love her word "puffies" ... have a great weekend with everyone ... !!!! xoxo