Good bye Farm Chicks....

What a fun weekend, great friends, wonderful food as well as a visual treat for your eyes..the displays were amazing, just letting all the photos remind me of little changes I want to make in our home when I get back...One last cup of coffee at the lake Bunkie this morning before I head back.
Thank you my sweet Cindy for your love and friendship!


koralee said...

oh me oh my...I need to see lots more photos my friend..please..please...and what treats did you find? I thought of you all weekend long. xo

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

I could hammer my credit card in this shop D - did you?!!

Lovely flower box of daffs and Oh that pretty pink floral cushion would have definitely come home with me!~

A trip away like that is so good for the soul.
love and hugs
Shane ♥

Maureen said...

Awesome! I love that planter! Such pretty things to see - I would love to attend one of these shows one day!