Happy early birthday, Cindy

Dear Cindy, you have seen her because I was busting with joy that I just had to show you, you helped name her, now "Consuella" will soon be on her way to you...She knows she might be cool in Nelson, so a little caplet is all she is waiting for. I hope she makes you smile as often as she did while I was hand sewing her...I had to wait until we found some thrifted fabric together in Nelson for her to come to life...The other 4 bunnies are having a goodbye party for her before she leaves....they will miss her..❤


cindy gibb said...

I can hardly wait to meet Consuella in real life! She is gorgeous! Thank you Dagmar.

Log Cabin Studio said...

How cute,Cindy will love her!!

Maureen said...

AW... too cute! Lucky Cindy!