Hiking Bear Creek Provincial Park

A wonderful hike with a good elevation climb of 300 feet left the legs a bit wobbly and the lungs needing more air but the hiking poles really helped and the views were stunning..The 2 mile hike has much to recommend it as the forest fire in 2011 has left the forest floor carpeted with fire weed and other grasses and plants. The trail is very well maintained as they have removed any of the dead trees nearby by..fenced in lookouts give you a dramatic view of this torrent of water rushing thru the canyon floor..not for the faint of heart to to look down 300 feet. As we hiked over another bridge, climbed up 42 stairs with a few well placed landings, we came to rest on a huge tree that had fallen years ago, conveniently placed in a shady spot along the trail..150 more stairs down still gave you a good cardio workout until you reached the parking lot. We continued out drive along the lake to Fintry Provincial Park where we enjoyed a well deserved lunch right in the water. It was a pretty wonderful way to enjoy our day.


Hopeless Adventurer said...

ohhhh so jealous! we don't have anything like that by us

Maureen said...

Wow! It sounds and looks like a perfect day! (although I doubt I could climb and hike the trail like you do!) Beautiful photos!