My grandmother's basket.

When my parents came to Canada from Switzerland in 1952, they just brought the minimal amount of household goods with them..but one thing that did survive all these years was my paternal grandmother's basket. It held all kind of things growing up, mostly warm buns straight from the own mom loved to bake, we always have buns, cookies, pies and cakes. I love to use it for displays, out in the open where I can enjoy it everyday. I wonder if one day Claire will put buns into this basket as so many of her Oma's have done.


Carola Bartz said...

That basket is a real treasure! How good it still looks! Compare that to those cheap baskets you can buy nowadays and which don't hold up for very long. You are a lucky one! (I have a few of those as well)

Maureen said...

Beautiful basket! Yep, quality lasts... and so neat you have wonderful memories to go along with it!