Summer scenes....

what a marvelous July we have had.
picnic, swimming, 
seeing Claire,
just enjoying each day as it comes.
more of this in August..
that will be
my buggy from Christa,
 how wonderful to get all our stuff 
to our picnic site in one move.
Claire enjoying the summer sunshine.
can't wait to see her here 
in two weeks. 


3 comments: said...

That looks like a lovely spot for a picnic, we are enjoying the sun here to. But Bonnie my little dog is finding it a little hot though.
p.s. I have moved my blog to wordpress now. x

Maureen said...

How wonderful! I can't believe August is tomorrow... yikes!

Christa said...

I am so happy the cart found a purpose in your life ... great idea ... !!! Love all your pictures ... !!! xoxo