If you are grandparents, you know what it's like to get pictures of your grandchildren, or grandchild.  

 ( this photo is Claire's attempt of a self portrait with my Ipad ) 

We are lucky that Jeremy and Julie share lots of photos of Claire. We were very pleased that we were able be there and share such a happy time with them. Here are a few photos of our sweet little one. 




Log Cabin Studio said...

She is growing up so fast.
So cute.

Maureen said...

Such a cutie pie!!!! What great photos.

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Dearest D
I'm so glad you got that beautiful shot of darling Claire playing with the rabbits!....
I'm imagining my Jessie doing the same - O N E day soon - you're right to keep hasselling me sweet friend that you are - YOU know me (I'm a gunna - you knew that didn't you)!!
Why aren't you living here so we could get together and have fun making Miss Maggies and talking about our grandies!
Much love

Christa said...

Your little Princess ... she is so adorable ... glad you had a great visit with your family ... just precious moments ... !! xoxo