Happy Birthday, Jimmy❤️

2013 was a fine year, I know the best is still to come. Keeping healthy and active and of course golfing makes life so much fun!

Little Alexander almost 4 in Australia, Carmen and Jim, as well as Brad & Carmen, Jim and I on our hike...

Little Claire dancing for Opa this morning and singing happy birthday to him..see you soon Little Claire❤️


Roses, Lace and Brocante said...


Lovely family photos that mean so much!
It's all about our families and grandchildren now isn't it D - we're all the same!

Much love and hugs
Shane xox

Log Cabin Studio said...

Happy Birthday Jim,sorry we missed you when we phoned today.
We hope your day was special!!

Maureen said...

Wonderful photos of a lovely family! Happy Belated Birthday!

Christa said...

How special to have all those birthday wishes ... and pictures of your wonderful family. I know Jim had a great outing day on his birthday. xoxo