You probably know about my love for pyrex and as yesterday was my last thrifting day before heading south..I was so lucky to find this wonderful little pyrex casserole dish with a lid....called Horizon Blue, or Deco was such a deal, hard to resist...$1.50 (I silently yelled, "start the car, there has been a theft") purchased it and smiled all the way to the car...a lovely addition to my collection.

I saw these at my favorite consignment store, but waiting until I get to AZ to decide on the colors to collect for down south..My sweet friend Cindy thinks desert colors would be a great choice...I will keep you posted...


Christa said...

Oh my goodness ... !!! One of my favourite commercials from Ikea ... LOL ... I can just see you high tailing it out of the store ... knowing full well you got that pyrex dish at a steal of a price...! Good for you, a great score... beautiful ... xoxo

Maureen said...

Ha! I felt that way once when I got a chandelier dirt cheap... I thought for sure I would be chased out the doors because the price was way too good to be true! Awesome Pyrex Dagmar!