A perfect day...

This would be a perfect day/week for me,

a good hot cup of coffee before hiking in the morning,

thrifting after lunch, doing some gardening, reading a new book,

taking some IPad lessons, knitting and or crafting in the evening...swapping it up with hanging out at the pool,

going on a hike and picnic with Jim, doing needlework,

going to my knitting club, doing some window shopping,

catching up with my good friends and family,

seeing Claire on FaceTime....

I know I am living this wonderful life and feel very blessed.

I truly hope wherever you are you are getting busy living the life you want.



Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

So many lovely things to keep you busy. So much to be thankful for. Hugs and blessings, Tammy

Log Cabin Studio said...

Great chatting with you today!!!
Miss ya!

Wayne W said...

Envious. Vancouver in the rain,wind and cloud somehow does not quite cut it.

Christa said...

Sounds to good to be true … lol … you so deserve many days like that … Have a Happy Day Always … !!!