Bottle brush trees...

Just having some fun.

Bleaching green bottle brush trees,

adding some dye, epson salt, glitter, as well as a small


to create a bit of seasonal






Una said...

What a pretty display and so original. I would never have thought of using all those colours. They work well.

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Hello dear Dagmar

Sorry I've been missing - we have been up at the beach with no internet connection!!!

It looks lovely!
You won't believe this but I have been searching for these little brush trees everywhere here - I just get blank stares....... I've seen several tutorial on bleaching them and imagine them lined up on my sideboard with mu collection of bells!

You are having such a fun time D!
Shane XOX

Log Cabin Studio said...

Those are so sweet!!!

Christa said...

So adorable … you are so crafty my dear friend … !! xoxo