Just having some fun....

The Antropologie's fox is on the right.

My thinking was that I could make a fox....

However, no orange felt was found in the house..

Making do with what I have in the house

is the most fun I can have..

So here is my handmade version of

Mr. Fox.

A gray felted sweater, a red Christmas tie as well as white winter pants

makes this little fox a new treasured keepsake.

Thank you my dear Christa for helping me out with Foxy's tie!



On our way home from dinner,

I stopped in to JoAnn's.

Some orange felt came home with me for the

next version of

Mr. Fox!



Christa said...

Oh Dagmar … you did a great job on creating your own Fox … I love being in touch with you on FT … to see the look on your face… the joy these little projects bring to you … !! xoxo

Maureen said...

Heee! Too cute! What a great project!