Dakar "El Martillo Racing Team"

Over the past two weeks we have watched
"The Dakar Rally"
with great interest.
My brother Werner is part of the support team for
"El Martillo Racing Team"
This rookie team was the only North Americian team left in the race.
Over 9500 km!
Once held in Africa, it was moved several years ago because of the dangerous
problems due to kidnapping.
Now held in Argentina, Bolivia and Chile, this is one tough race.
They made it, what an amazing adventure this had been.
We had the opportunity to meet Matt and his wife Melanie when they came to
Werner and Dana's wedding in August.
Dana and several of the wives were able to share this trip as well.
We are so proud of their wonderful accomplishment! We have cheered you along at every stage!
Well done Matt and your entire team!
(Werner on the left in blue shorts, Matt 3rd from left)
This is from their blog this morning! (

Here is their podium celebration!


Log Cabin Studio said...

They will have some amazing stories to tell us.

Maureen said...

Wow, what an adventure! Congrats to them!

Christa said...

Thank you for sharing this with me … I was able to catch a few episodes … quite amazing with what they had to endure … Congrats to the team … !!! xoxo