Puente Chame

A drive to this little fishing village is always interesting.

Puente Chame is a spit of land 24 km off the

PanAmerican highway.

They have a beautiful modern resort there,

complete with outdoor wifi cafe.

Kite and wind surfing at Nitro City,

miles of beaches and colourful little

Panamanian homes.

However, not one gas station!

Here are a few of the religious icons seen in the 3 churches

found along the way.

Punta Chame has a very unique geography. It is basically finger shaped and actually has ocean on both sides of the white sand-lined projection.

Because of the layout of the land, it is an exceptional area for shrimping and windsports, specifically wind sailing and kite surfing.

There are about 35 km of white sand beaches that make up the finger, and it would take approximately 8 hours to walk from the base of the finger around the point to the other end of the finger shaped projection.



Log Cabin Studio said...

Beautiful Dagmar,
Love the statues.

Maureen said...

Wow, very lovely!

Christa said...

Awesome … love that you found a little cafe with wifi to stay in touch … xoxo