Crating poolside...

We have met more lovely people this trip as well.

Connie and I have been busy making


for her grandchildren, Mia and Tristan around the pool.

"Maryanna" and "Gaitan"

will be heading back to Quebec next week.

We also crocheted countess friendship bracelets.

I was so happy to share this time crafting around

the pool and making new friends.

Thanks Connie,

it has been a joy to get to meet you, Joe and your family.




our dear neighbour in West Kelowna

photoshopped our house and added all that snow..

We got totally plunked!

Good work Marvin, we were totally impressed!




Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Hello dear Dagmar
Sorry I've been absent for a few days!
Lovely pics as usual - you create such yummy mosaics to see!

More bunnies and sharing your creativity is a wonderful thing. (Don't ask me THAT question - NO it's not finished yet)!!!!

I loved the photo of Claire at Jiu Jitsu in a previous posts - don't mess with her!!
My little Stella does judo and she loves it - so far she has a yellow belt - precious!
Shane xox

Maureen said...

Ha! You have very clever neighbors! I totally thought that was real too... since that's exactly what it looks like here!

Crafting by the pool - what could be better?

Log Cabin Studio said...

Good one from your neighbors!!
I believed it.

Christa said...

Awww … those beautiful little bunnies …. they will be well loved … all my grandchildren adore them … loved creating them with you my dear friend … !!

I thought the picture of your snow covered home was real … as we had had a huge dump of snow here … lol