Flamingo Pink...

Just by chance I came across this lovely

pyrex casserole bowl in

"flamingo pink"

It was quickly snatched up for $4.99

{less 20%}

and added to my collection.

I did this all in the name of my Cindy who is arriving

next thrifting locations being scouted out as we speak!

The countdown has begun. only 5 more sleeps until she arrives!




Log Cabin Studio said...

Do I have to put out a red alert to the thrift shops in Arizona about these wonderful thrifting friends!!!Ha ha!!!Have a great time and any shop with pyrex be prepared to be bargained with!!!!

cindy gibb said...

Thank you for the hard work Dagmar. I know what a sacrifice for you it is to scout out new thrift shops. My only request is that you save something for me to buy! Caroline, it probably wouldn't hurt to put out an alert in AZ to all of the thrift shops, just so they are prepared for us and put out the premium goods.

Christa said...

What a lovely find to add to your collection… I know you and Cindy will have a great time … !!! xoxo

I love your new header as well … you are so good at arranging your pictures into a collage …